Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Blog on Taiwan?

There's no place like Taiwan. To quote the esteemed Winston Churchill, it's "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." Perhaps there is a key, but it could take a lifetime to find it. The quest to unravel the mysteries and beauty of Taiwan is an worthwhile end in itself. Taiwan is a land of contradictions and a global anomaly that is blessed with an abundance of energy and beauty.

The purpose of The Taiwan Link is raise the visibility of Taiwan in the Washington DC area and augment the variety of useful blogs that already exist.  The Taiwan Link intends to offer independent perspectives on Taiwan, U.S.-Taiwan relations, cross-Strait trends, and other areas of interest. The intrinsic value that Taiwan and its people brings to the international community deserves greater attention, and this blog intends to make a contribution, however small. The intent is to cut across a wide cross-section of issues, including political, defense and security, socio-economic, technological, environmental, and social concerns.

As a newcomer to blogging, it may take awhile to master the art. But that's part of the experience! Thank you and let's see how it goes...

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