Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jinan Military Region Leadership Visit to the United States

A People’s Liberation Army (PLA) military delegation led by General FAN Changlong [长龙], commander of the Jinan Military Area Command, began an official visit to the United States this weekend. Born in 1947 in Donggang City (Liaoning Province), Gen FAN formerly served as 16th Group Army Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff of the Shenyang Military Region. He’s commanded the Jinan Military Region since 2004. 

Other senior members of the delegation include Rear Admiral DU Xiping [杜希平], Deputy Commander of the North China Sea Fleet; Major General (MGen) WU Huijian [辉建], Commander, Jinan Military Region Air Force; and MGen MA Yiming [马宜明], Commander, 26th Group Army.

The make up of the delegation indicates a training theme.  MGen Ma Yiming is dual hated as 26th Group Army Commander and Director of the Jinan Military Region’s Weifang Military Training Coordination Zone.  The PLA’s premier “Blue Force” joint training complex, Weifang sponsors the Lianhe series of joint training exercises, which includes naval, air, and amphibious landing training. [2]

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